Kerith Women's Vocational Training Program

An estimated 98% of the total population living in the rural villages outside Pallisa, Uganda, is unemployed and lives day-to-day off of subsistence agriculture alone. The overwhelming majority of families living in these villages are unable to send their children to school or even provide for their basic needs due to their lack of employment, which leads to a vicious cycle of poverty that is incredibly difficult to break.

Man Up and Go is seeking to radically alter these statistics by partnering with Kerith Ministries to provide vocational training in sewing and tailoring to impoverished women in and around Osupa village. Unfortunately, many of these women come from situations where their husbands have abdicated their responsibilities in the home, leaving fatherless children in the wake. While we attempt to persuade these men to "Man Up" and come back, the women must still make money to survive. 

The overall goal of this program is to help these women, most of whom are single mothers and have between 3-6 children, learn and acquire valuable trade skills that could potentially provide them with a sustainable source of income for their families and help lift them out of poverty. The women who participate in this program are taught weekly lessons by a highly-skilled and accomplished local seamstress and they learn to make various practical items like children’s clothing, men and women’s clothing, school uniforms, backpacks, purses, and washable sanitary pads made from locally-sourced materials. 

Quick Summary

Provides vocational training in sewing and tailoring for:

  • Osupa village (est. 3,000)
  • Surrounding village communities (est. 30,000)
  • Communities an estimated 98% unemployed


Other program details:

  • Open to select single mothers and widows
  • Provides training for basic tailoring skills
  • End product includes clothes, backpacks, uniforms, and sanitary pads