Kerith Super Saturday Feeding Program

Every Saturday morning, between 200-300 vulnerable children from the impoverished villages of Osupa, Kagoli, and Obekai make their way by foot to the large dirt yard in front of Kerith Children’s Home and Kerith Health Centre and wait for the large white ministry van to arrive.  As the van pulls onto the Kerith Ministries property, the children begin squealing with excitement and jumping up and down in joy. They are ready for Super Saturday to begin!

The Super Saturday program, started in 2014 with help from generous supporters of Man Up and Go, is a weekly feeding program and Bible club run by Kerith Ministries for vulnerable children in the rural villages outside of Pallisa, Uganda.  Although many of the precious children who attend Super Saturday live in dire conditions without adequate food and are often unable to attend school due to their families’ impoverished situations, each week they are able to receive a highly nutritious meal, play and laugh, and learn more about Jesus through this valuable discipleship program! The overall mission of the Super Saturday program is to physically and spiritually nourish the children in the community (many of whom are Muslim). In order to accomplish this, the program strives to meet the following goals each week:

  • Provide a fun, playful environment for children of all ages to participate in physical and recreational activities;
  • Feed children who attend the program a highly nutritious, balanced meal as an enhancement to their normal daily diets;
  • Teach children about the love and salvation of Jesus Christ through worship songs, prayer, memory verses, and interactive Bible stories, so that they may come to know Him as their personal Savior;
  • Assess and follow up with any children in the program who have noticeable physical wounds/illnesses, emotional issues, or signs of neglect and abuse.

Through the ongoing support of Man Up and Go donors and the selfless dedication of Kerith Ministries volunteers who run the Super Saturday program each week, 200-300 children are experiencing full bellies, improved health, and changed lives each week in rural Pallisa. This ENGAGE strategy specifically hopes to reach the fatherless where they're at so that we can prevent future generations of children without mom and dad in the home. 

Quick Summary

Super Saturday Feeding Program

  • Feeds 200-300 children every Saturday
  • Serves the villages of Osupa, Kagoli, and Obekai
  • Many children do not attend school due to lack of funds
  • 85% of community has Muslim background

Program Aims

  • Feed children highly nutritious meal 
  • Provide fun, safe, playful environment for children to interact
  • Teach children about the love of Jesus Christ