Kerith Children's Home

In 2009, Kerith Ministries began caring for local orphans and abandoned children in Pallisa, Uganda, after Pastor Samuel Mwesigwa and his wife Mercy took in six orphans and began fostering them at their home. Since then, other fatherless and abandoned children have been identified for care by Pallisa police stations and probation officers, local social workers and other non-profit organizations in the Pallisa area, and local community members who have contacted the ministry requesting help for a child. 

In 2013, Man Up and Go partnered with Kerith Ministries to help build a state-of-the-art permanent children’s home on a large plot of land in Osupa village, right outside of Pallisa.  Kerith Children’s Home officially opened in 2014 and currently provides full-time care for 26 orphans or abandoned children between the ages of 3 – 16 years old from Pallisa and the surrounding areas.

Through the generous support of Man Up and Go donors, Kerith Children’s Home is able to provide these precious children with a nurturing and Christ-centered home, nutritious food, health care, education and school supplies, clothing, and toiletries and other personal care items.  The home has separate sleeping and toilet areas for boys and girls, is equipped with solar panels that provide electricity, has access to clean water from an on-site deep borehole well, includes an enclosed kitchen building, and is run by two Godly women who serve as full-time mothers, or “matrons,” to all of the children.

We believe that by partnering with Kerith's for the children's basic necessities, we are fulfilling, in part, the James 1:27 mandate. Ultimately it is the spiritual health of these children that matters most to God, but He also very obviously cares about the physical needs as well (James 2:16). 

Quick Summary

The Kerith Children's Home:

  • Operates in Osupa village (est. 3,000)
  • Currently serves 26 orphaned or abandoned children from surrounding areas
  • Provides daily food, education, clothing, and toiletries to each child, among other necessities 


Child Sponsorship Program

  • Children at Kerith's are supported financially in part by the Man Up and Go sponsorship program
  • Full sponsorships start at $45/month 
  • Partial sponsorships are $30/month