Kerith's Child Sponsorship Program

The Kerith's Children's Home Sponsorship Program is run in conjunction with the Kerith Children's Home, an orphanage located in Osupa Village, just outside of Pallisa, Uganda (Eastern Region). It is run by Mercy Mwesigwa and her husband Pastor Samuel Mwesigwa, the founders of Kerith Ministries.

Man Up and Go came alongside Kerith Ministries starting in 2012 and a friendship was quickly formed. The most obvious players in the fatherless epidemic are the actual fatherless children. Without supporting them physically, emotionally, and spiritually, an entire generation can be lost. War and disease from the 80's and 90's in Northern Uganda made for displaced peoples further south in the region where Kerith Children's Home exists, many of which were children raising children. The current average age in Uganda is just 15 years old, so the importance of seeing these young ones mature into two-parent homes can't be stressed enough. 

Kerith Children's Home provides an environment where not only are orphaned and abaondoned children given nutritious meals, clothing, and a proper education, but they are reared in an environment that cares about their spiritual development as well. Without a Christocentric worldview, the chances of births-out-of-wedlock, disease, and divorce increase dramatically for these children. Man Up and Go is proud to support Kerith's Children's Home by making a Kingdom investment in the lives of these children. 

Sponsorship Process

Below is a list of children and orphans at the Kerith's Children's Home in need of sponsorship. We like to protect the identities of these kiddos as best we can, which is why we have only provided the first name and a picture below. 

  • A full sponsorship is $45/month, which covers all food, health care, school fees and supplies, clothing, toiletries and other personal care items;
  • A partial sponsorship is $30/month, which covers all of the above excluding school fees;
  • All sponsoring parties must enroll in the automatic payment plan (you may have it taken out monthly or bi-monthly).

When you sponsor a child at Kerith's, we do our best to provide the following:

  • Two correspondences from your child to you each year;
  • Yearly updates on your child's progress educationally or otherwise;
  • Opportunities to send small care packages when a Man Up and Go representative heads to Uganda; 
  • Opportunities to send pictures or scanned letters from you to your child as often as you wish.

To inquire further about one of the children, please click on one of the boxes below and email us the name of the child you are interested in sponsoring. Someone from our team will then contact you with the full profile of the child who interests you. 

Above all, we thank God in advance for your decision to help fight for the fatherless through child sponsorship at Kerith's Children's Home.