Man up and go and kerith ministries in uganda

Kerith Ministries (Uganda) and Man Up and Go

Kerith Ministries

Kerith Ministries, a partner of Man Up and Go, was established in Pallisa, Uganda, in 2009 by Pastor Samuel Mwesigwa and his wife, Mercy. Approximately 10-13% of the total population of children living in the rural Pallisa District area are considered to be “vulnerable children.” Kerith Ministries was created with a mission to serve and protect these vulnerable children and to share the love of Christ within the Pallisa community. The ministry strives to carry out this mission by focusing on activities that involve fostering and protecting orphans, delivering quality healthcare services to vulnerable families, creating educational opportunities for orphans and other disadvantaged children, providing food and shelter for the needy, and sharing a holistic Gospel message with the local community.

Kerith Ministries is a derivative of the preaching and teaching ministry of River of God Full Gospel Church, which Pastor Sam founded as a church-plant after leaving Jinja, Uganda’s second largest city, to minister in the rural, poor northeast region of Pallisa.

Partnership with Man Up and Go

In 2013, Kerith Ministries and Man Up and Go joined forces to build a permanent children’s home structure on a large plot of land in Osupa village, right outside of Pallisa. We have worked together since that time to try to improve the lives of the children in the rural villages of Pallisa. Together Kerith Ministries and Man Up and Go have continued our work of bringing relief and the word of Jesus Christ to the area through the following initiatives: 

Kerith Ministries Initiatives

Click on one of the below initiatives to see how Man Up and Go is partnering with Kerith Ministries to make a difference in the lives of the people there.

Kerith Children’s Home

  • Operates in Osupa village (est. 3,000)

  • Currently serves 26 orphaned or abandoned children from surrounding areas

  • Provides daily food, education, clothing, and toiletries to each child, among other necessities

Children Sponsorship

  • Children at Kerith's are supported financially in part by the Man Up and Go sponsorship program

  • Full sponsorships start at $45/month

  • Partial sponsorships are $30/month

Kerith Health Center

Provides medical services for:

  • Osupa village (est. 3,000)

  • Orphans at Kerith Village Children’s Home

  • Surrounding village communities (est. 30,000)

Kerith Agricultural Projects

  • Produces crops of maize (corn), sweet potatoes, matoke (green bananas), cassava, and cabbage

  • Children help plant and harvest along with two matrons of Kerith's Children's Home

  • Leftovers are sold at market or given to needy in surrounding Osupa Village community

Women’s Vocational Trainingr

Provides vocational training in sewing and tailoring for:

  • Osupa village (est. 3,000)

  • Surrounding village communities (est. 30,000)

  • Communities an estimated 98% unemployed

  • Open to select single mothers and widows

  • Provides training for basic tailoring skills

  • End product includes clothes, backpacks, uniforms, and sanitary pads

Super Saturday Feeding Program

  • Feeds 200-300 children highly nutritious meal every Saturday

  • Provides a fun, safe, playful environment for children to interact

  • Teaches children about the love of Jesus Christ

Learn More about Kerith Ministry Initiatives Below

To learn more about Man Up and Go’s Partnership with Kerith Ministries, click on the initiatives below. There you will find details about our each of our programs and how you can help contribute to bringing relief and joy to those who are in need.