Bethel Junior School - Man Up and Go

In 2011, Man Up and Go partnered with Home Again Ministry to establish a brand new primary school in Masese III, in order to provide children in the community with a high-quality Christ-centered education, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay tuition fees. Through the work of the Man Up and Go and Home Again Ministry volunteers, Bethel Junior School officially opened in 2012 with around 60 students enrolled in just three grades. Most of these children had previously been ostracized within the community because of their ethnic tribal affiliations, and many of them were not allowed to attend other local schools because of this. However, as of 2017, there are now more than 130 students enrolled throughout eight grades at Bethel Junior School, and 58 of these students are able to attend the school on full scholarship due to the financial generosity of Man Up and Go donors. Now, even parents from outside the Masese III community are paying to send their children to Bethel Junior School because of the school’s high-quality education and outstanding reputation, despite the tribal stigmas that still persist in society. Bethel Junior School families consistently state that the school is transforming their children’s lives as well as the entire Masese III community as a whole! This is a testament to the power of the Gospel to break down even the strongest of cultural and ethnic divides.

Bethel Junior School is highly unique from the other schools in the area in that it provides students with: 

  • A loving, Christ-centered staff (8 Teachers, 1 School Administrator, 2 Cooks, and 1 Cleaner) who are passionate about their jobs
  • An extremely low student-teacher ratio of about 22:1 (most other local schools have ratios of around 40-60 students to 1 teacher!)
  • A robust daily food program that includes highly nutritious meals for both breakfast and lunch
  • Rarely-taught electives like art, music, dance, drama, and physical activities
  • Weekly chapel and prayer meetings (which all teachers/staff also attend)
  • An opportunity to audition for a prestigious native dance troupe that performs at different events throughout the community
  • A clean, piped water source located on school property
  • Gender-specific pit latrines with a hand sanitizing station

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Current Facilities:

  • 120 children enrolled
  • Nursery - Primary 5
  • 67 students attend school for free
    • 22 of these 67 funded by sponsorship program
  • 47 students pay small tuition of $32/year
  • Robust daily food program for students
    • Nursery: daily breakfast
    • Primary: daily breakfast & lunch
  • Clean water source on-site
  • Gender-specific pit latrines

Expansion Goals:

  • Buy adjacent land & construct new building
    • Building will have 3 classrooms
    • Will eventually allow for 3 additional grades and into secondary education
  • Add one new grade each year
    • 2017: Primary 6 (20 students)
  • Add 60 new students over 3yr period
  • Find full sponsorships (@ $30/month) for:
    • 44 students currently without sponsors 
    • 20 new students per year
  • Cover additional daily food costs for new students