Man Up and Go Mission Trip Objectives


mission trip with shoes on a mapAs we set out on our mission trips, the Christian missionaries of Man Up and Go strive to allocate their love, empathy, and support to the many fatherless and orphaned children that we encounter. We are adamant in providing a familial foundation for these children who are yearning for a support system to grow up with. In addition to this, we also direct our attention in working with single mothers who are not in a financially stable situation to provide for their family. We address this by teaching them new skills that they may use for work, revitalizing them to provide for their children and give them the cornerstone that they need. Our missionary work also emphasizes the notion of educating the fatherless families we meet and teaching them about Christ. Through this, we are working to build a stronger generation that will contribute to ending the plague of fatherlessness that has become so prominent throughout the world.

Overview of Individual and Group Mission Trips

Man Up and Go provides mission trips for whatever your situation may be. For those new to the field of missionary work and unsure where to start, an individual mission trip is the perfect place to begin. Signing up for individual trips will allow you to experience the facets of missionary work alongside team members from across the world who are in a similar place as you. Together, you can work in combatting fatherlessness and teaching the word of God.  

Man Up and Go also provides group mission trips for when your church, school or nonprofit organization is looking to send members to participate in missionary work. Through our group trips, your institution is able to grow together as you seek a common goal in serving fatherless families and teaching them about Christ.

Mission Trip Destinations

You never know where your missionary work will take you. Man Up and Go sets out on a variety of yearly mission trips that range anywhere from Iowa to Kenya. There is much to be done in fighting the epidemic of fatherlessness, so Man Up and Go endeavors to travel to wherever we need to carry out our vision. Our missionary destinations vary year to year and all offer a unique experience, so there is always something within your reach that you can serve on.

Sign Up for Our Mission Trips Today

Serving on a mission trip is among the most beneficial things you can do to help end fatherlessness around the world. These children need us, and there is no time to spare in battling this widespread issue. It’s time to Man Up and Go. Sign up for our Christian mission trips today!