Our Mission

To shape a better future for orphans by making Jesus known, being a father to the fatherless, and equipping each man to take personal responsibility for his faith, family, and community. We want to see Less Orphans, More Families.

ENGAGE the fatherless. 

Fatherlessness is a generational curse.  We believe by building relationships with children bereft of mom or dad - even during short-term mission trips – that we can make a meaningful impact in their lives to curb the cycle of fatherlessness. By sending Man Up teams to the same ministries year after year, we indicate our sincere love for them as we communicate their essential and intrinsic worth. 

Expressing the love of a Heavenly Father is a challenging task when the recipients of our love do not have an ongoing earthly example to model such love.  Seeing less orphans in the world will not happen overnight.  But it’s our conviction that consistent engagement and the opportunity to LOVE BIG on the fatherless with the Gospel is essential to breaking the generational curse.

Short term trips can only be impactful where the Gospel is bound up in a holistic approach that incorporates indigenous pastors and leaders as the primary driver of change. These trips are always at the invitation of our partners and only done if they will enact an actual difference in the lives of the fatherless. We do not send teams to hold babies for 8 hours a day and get a bunch of photos. Of course you will most likely hold a baby or two on a Man Up trip, but the end goal is to minister in ways that will bring that child a permanent father and prevent fatherless children in the future.