Our Mission

To shape a better future for orphans by making Jesus known, being a father to the fatherless, and equipping each man to take personal responsibility for his faith, family, and community. We want to see Less Orphans, More Families.

EMPOWER single mothers.  

1 in 3 children in the world grow up without a father in the home. In many cases, these children are not “orphans” in the truest sense of the word, because the father is still living.  However, without the father’s presence in the home, the mother - often uneducated and without financial capital - lives as a widow, and thus needs our support a la James 1:27.  Without the knowledge to gain employment and resources to pay school fees, the generational cycle of broken families is far more likely to continue. Many churches, though willing, are simply unable to provide for all of the widows in the community.

For these reasons, we believe that vocational training for single mothers presents a tremendous opportunity for those willing to slow, if not halt, the generational “curse.” Financial support through the ministry of Man Up and Go has enabled these women to learn skills in hairdressing, sewing and tailoring, and necklace-making. Most of the single mothers to whom we minister make less than $1.25/day, but our goal is to make a sizeable dent in that number with each passing day.