Check out all the awesome merchandise we have available in the Man Up and Go shop! Profits from these items will directly benefit our mission and the communities and families that we help.

Man Up and Go Ester Etsy Shop

Buy some beautiful, authentic Ugandan paper bead jewelry from the Man Up and Go shop. Not only are these pieces gorgeous, they also go to a great cause. All jewelry in the shop is handmade by Karamojong women from the slums of Masese III in Uganda. The women who create these pieces are paid generous and fair wages for every necklace they make. This means they have a reliable source of income for their families. In addition, all proceeds of the profits go directly back into the Masese III community. The local elementary school that provides free education to children living in these slums is partially supported by the sales of these necklaces. The sales of these necklaces are truly changing lives in this Ugandan community!

Ugandan Paper Bead Jewelry

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Man Up and Go Sugar Bag

Kakira Sugar Works is the leading sugar manufacturer in Uganda. You can have a little piece of this Ugandan staple by purchasing a Ugandan sugar tote bag. These bags are made from recycled sugar sacks from Kakira Sugar Works. As always, the profits from the sales of these bags will directly benefit the Ugandan communities where they come from. These bags are perfect for the grocery store, the pool, or anything you need it for. Grab one of these stylish and unique bags today!

Ugandan Sugar Tote Bags

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Man Up and Go T Shirt

Represent Man Up and Go with one of our stylish, comfortable T-shirts! Not only do they look great, they spread the word of Man Up and Go. The more people our mission reaches the better. Profits from these T-shirts go straight back into the Man Up and Go organization, allowing us to better achieve our mission. Browse our selection of T-shirts today!

Man Up and Go T-Shirts

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Man Up and Go DVD

One of the best ways to wrap your mind around such as overwhelming issue like fatherlessness is through visuals. The Man Up and Go movie shows the unique journey of five Americans contrasted and compared with the lives of African brothers. This emotional film shows the scope of the issues that they communities face and why the Man Up and Go mission is so incredibly important. You can own the movie and see for yourself by donating today.

Man Up And Go Movie

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There are a variety of ways to be involved with Man Up and Go and help our mission. Whether it’s through buying merchandise on our shop, making a donation, or coming on our mission trips. Any time and money that is given will make a difference in the lives of these families and children that we’ve made it our mission to help. Don’t forget that you can benefit our organization through the Amazon Smile program as well. For more information, contact us today, or continue browsing our website.  

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