Taking Your Organization on Mission Trips

Whether you are a school, church or nonprofit organization, collecting the resources to take a group mission trip can be a challenge. Perhaps there are only a few in your group who are interested in an endeavor like this. Or maybe your church is interested in taking a trip but doesn’t have the practical ability to plan and execute one. Whatever your reason for holding off may be, Man Up and Go seeks to handle those difficulties so that your organization can participate in our life-changing mission trips to help end fatherlessness.

One of our main goals at Man Up and Go is to provide missions opportunities to men and women who are committed to serving those in need. As people who have experienced the comfort and care of a loving family, it is our duty to give back to those who do not have a father figure to guide them through life. Organizations can contribute their efforts by traveling on international mission trips, sponsoring a child, helping to build schools, assisting to fund projects and other mission trips or simply showing the Man Up and Go movie that documents the beginnings of our Christian missions organization.

Where Our Mission Trips Take Us

Our international mission trips have taken us to many remarkable places all throughout the world. As of now, we are serving in:

  • Uganda

  • Nicaragua

  • Ethiopia

  • The Dominican Republic

  • The United States

However, we are not limited to providing our aid to these specific areas. We have flourishing relationships with many partners in countries like Kenya, Sudan, Haiti, Senegal, South Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Nepal, Rwanda, and India, among many others. These are all great locations to launch new mission trips and expand our reach for ending fatherlessness throughout the globe.

Benefits of Group Mission Trips

Taking your church, school, or nonprofit organization on a mission trip is a one-of-a-kind experience that can benefit both your group and the many families in need. By choosing to serve, you are setting forth your love toward the children who have not grown up with a father and don’t know how it feels to be cared for. Aside from the miraculous difference your organization will be providing to these children, going on a Christian mission trip can strengthen your chemistry as a group as well. By engaging in such a transformative experience, your organization will learn to grow together and become closer with one another for a better relationship in the future.

Sign Your Organization Up for Our Mission Trips

Take the steps for bettering both the lives of others and the ones of your group by signing up for one of the upcoming mission trips with Man Up and Go. Your efforts help revitalize the lives of many children around the world. For more information about taking a group mission trip, contact our Christian missionary group. Together, we can help to end fatherlessness.