Welcome to 3rd annual Man Up and Go Bracket Breaker Challenge!

Every year hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life fill out their annual brackets for the tournament that takes place in March (yeah, Ma*ch Ma*ness is Trademarked). We fill these out in hopes of picking the right teams and reveling in office bracket-busting glory. That's cool and all, but what if you could participate in the fun and support a worthy cause at the same time?

The Man Up and Go Bracket Breaker Challenge allows you to do just that. Instead of throwing your money away to the pencil-pushing, Duke-loving, bracket-boasting, office know-it-all, why not make a tax-deductible donation instead and support a cause everyone cares about?

Not only can you feel great about participating in reducing the number of orphans in the world, but you may win the Grand Prize of a $500 Amazon Gift Card donated to Man Up and Go! The brackets are already open so get your team(s) set up now. *You must get your entries in by March 15, 2018, at 11:59 am EST.*  

How to Enter

1) Head on over to our entry page HERE

2) Fill out the form in its entirety and choose from the following:

    • Donate $25 and get 1 entry.
    • Donate $50 and get up to 4 entries (your choice - but you should fill out all 4 entries to increase your chances).
    • Donate $100 and get up to 10 entries!


3) Once your form is submitted, head on over to our ESPN Tournament Challenge Bracket group and put in your entries. The group name is Man Up and Go, and can be found HERE. The password is: uganda.

Rules & Fine Print

We are sincerely thankful for your participation in this online fundraiser. Your donation will be used to further Man Up and Go's efforts to protect and love the fatherless. We believe children everywhere benefit in every measurable way by the presence of a loving, committed father in the home. If you're new to Man Up and Go, we hope you'll read more about our Mission and Vision to fight for the fatherless as Jesus commanded.

There is 1 winner (Grand Prize $500 Amazon Gift Card winner) for this Man Up and Go Bracket Breaker Challenge fundraiser. The Grand Prize has been donated to Man Up and Go for the purposes of this fundraiser by the Man Up and Go Board of Directors. This Grand Prize is not dependent upon entries and/or online donations. Winner may choose to keep the gift card or leave the winnings with Man Up and Go. Participants understand their donation to Man Up and Go is tax-deductible under IRS code section 170 and they are receiving nothing in return except a really good feeling for this donation. **THIS IS NOT GAMBLING - THE GRAND PRIZE HAS BEEN DONATED AND IS A FIXED AMOUNT, REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF ENTRIES** Participants are eligible for entries into the bracket as follows: $25 for 1 entry, $50 for 2-4 entries; $100 for up to 10 entries. Should any participant create more entries than allotted by the aforementioned rules, he/she will forfeit his/her winnings in the event his/her bracket garners the most points. Winner is determined by rules set forth in the ESPN Tournament Challenge contest as it relates to scoring and tiebreakers set forth HERE. Any other questions, concerns, disputes, or otherwise issues (and we hope there are none - it's for charity folks) will be determined by a special meeting of the Man Up and Go Board of Directors, at a time and date TBD. Please direct all support questions for this fundraiser HERE.