Donating to Man Up and Go

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Child donating to Man Up and GoMan Up and Go exists to serve the fatherless and show them the love of Jesus Christ in doing so. Our unrelenting desire has always been to “go and make disciples of the nations” as Jesus tells his disciples to do in Matthew 28. While we are the facilitator of our missions and our ministry, we have never been anything more than a conduit of Jesus’ mission and His high calling. Thanks to supporters like you, we have been able to do that. Many of our donors are people just like you: Christ-followers who want to be a part of His ministry but can’t pick up and leave their jobs and families. If that is you, donating to Man Up and Go will allow you to financially support the children and families we are pouring out our lives to reach.

Why Should I Donate?

Our research shows that for just $20, we can impact one family with tangible, biblical tools to help meet their spiritual, physical, and economic needs. Your gift will take us one family closer to reaching our 20,000 families by 2020 goal. More importantly, you are changing the future trajectory of that entire family. Whether by engaging the fatherless, empowering single mothers, or equipping fathers to lead, you are helping us fight for the fatherless in a real and tangible way. 

It may not seem like it, but a one-time donation is a life-changing action. Just as we understand that you may not be called to heading out on mission, we also understand that you may not have the means to donate monthly. Maybe you just have a little bit of extra money this month and you want to put it towards the mission of Christ. Mark 12 talks about the widow that put a penny into the offering box. Any donation is of value to the Kingdom and it is because it is Kingdom work that we ask you to give.

How Can I Donate?

On our quick give page, Man Up and Go give you the opportunity to donate to our ministry without any minimum giving requirements and with the flexibility of giving to the area of ministry you want to give to. We have 19 different giving categories, ranging from donating to specific missions or sponsoring individual missionaries or sponsoring individual children or even donating to disaster relief and general ministry funds. For more information, contact us today at (727) 266-0226 or visit or website today.