Why Should I Set Up a Recurring Donation to Man Up and Go?

We at Man Up and Go, our hearts beat for the fatherless of the world. There are over 700 million fatherless children across the globe, which means that one in three children will go to bed tonight without a father at home to tuck them in. Since 2011, Man Up and Go has conducted 22 mission trips, served almost 9,500 children and shared the gospel with over 6,000 in various schools. 14 children have been adopted by team members – and thanks to people like you, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised to build schools, health clinics, and ancillary facilities.

Setting up your tax-deductible monthly donation is simple, just follow the steps below:

1. Register on Man Up and Go's Easy Tithe Portal.         

easy tithe user name

2. Click on the tab marked Scheduled Giving.  

3. Choose 20k by 2020, set your monthly frequency & amount.  


4. Activate the Schedule!      

How To Get Involved with Man Up and Go

While Man Up and Go has had tremendous support over the last six years, we still need your help. For the end of 2017 and going into 2018, we already have five scheduled mission trips, all of which are going overseas. We are also continuing our partnership with Kerith Children’s Village, which has been caring for local orphans and abandoned children since 2009 by providing for their food, clothing and educational needs through the support of individual donors. As we seek to reach 20,000 families by 2020, we continue to need help from our readers and supporters. The best way that you can help Man Up and Go reach the fatherless with the Gospel is to establish a monthly recurring donation. This recurring donation is tax-deductible and is used exclusively to reach orphaned and abandoned children, whether it be through mission trips or supplies. It has also never been easier to set up a recurring donation.

How Can I Begin Giving a Monthly Donation?

Thanks to Easy Tithe and their online giving portal that churches are utilizing all across the United States, you can create a personal username and password for a secure login to a personal Easy Tithe account. In the tutorial below, you will find that this process is as easy as buying something on Amazon or Google. Through the portal, you simply register and select whichever fund you would like to donate too as well as how often and how much money. Finally, you input your card information to our secure portal and click the activate schedule button. This system will allow you to donate to Man Up and Go automatically each month on specific days, allowing you to easily budget for the donation and avoid having to re-donate each month. And with the easy login setup, you can log back into the portal at any time and change your scheduled giving.

We Can’t Wait to See what God is going to do With Your Donation

In James 1:27, the Apostle James implores us “to visit the orphans and widows in their affliction.” Man Up and Go exists solely for that purpose, as we seek to chase after each and every fatherless child by providing for their physical needs and sharing with them the good news of the Gospel. And we want you to get involved. If you feel God leading you to support a fatherless child, please donate to Man Up and Go today. If you are interested in our ministry and want to know more about our missions, contact us at (727) 266-0226 or email us at information@manupango.org.