Glory to Glory International Church Fundraiser

The following blog post and appeal was written by a Man Up Champion and Advocate for Christ from the Dallas/Ft Worth area. 

Glory to Glory International Church was established in the Kore (Korah) area, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by Pastor NuNushe and his colleague Yemamu in 2012. Currently the church has more than 150 members. Korah is located on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. It is the site of the city’s landfill, a massive garbage dump. More than 130,000 people call this place home. These people live among the trash. They dig through it to find food and anything to sell.

korah trash dump

Korah started as a leper colony, but is also home to people stricken with HIV, tuberculosis, and various other serious medical conditions. The word Korah means "cursed" in Amharic, the main language of Ethiopia. These people live in some of the deepest poverty on earth. The mission of the church is providing holistic ministry to the people of Korah so they are fulfilled spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically with glory of God and receive the promise of Eternal Life.

Partnering with likeminded ministries, the church has reached many with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an area where people are suffering from extreme poverty, which is often characterized by hopelessness and apathy. Since 2012, the congregation had been using a building on rental/temporary basis. The cost of rent became too expensive and the leadership of the church prayed for God to provide the church with its own building.

pastor Nunushe

In September 2017, a location for the church was chosen. The church leadership put their faith in God and chose to buy land as a permanent place for a Church. On Sunday, October 28th, 2017, the first Sunday service was held at the site. A cement block fence around the church compound and temporary shade were constructed.

pastor nunushe at compound

Three “store front” spaces have also been constructed to be used for income generating activities. In addition, three offices were built for church administration, DHI and BHDO (charitable ministries partnering with Glory to Glory). The leadership, members and partners of the Glory to Glory Church, including Man Up and Go, are now praying and humbly requesting the Body of Christ in all parts of the world to partner with them in raising funds to purchase the land in full before June 1, 2018, as a permanent place to share the Gospel.

Yemamu on land

We believe we'll genuinely see Less Orphans, More Families because of Pastor Nunushe's ministry in this community. Man Up has a long term vision of equipping men with their Authentic Masculinity Men's Leadership Program with microfinance component in this community. We need your help to make this vision a reality.

Thank you in advance.

Below is a video with Man Up CEO Jeff Ford when he was in Ethiopia recently with Pastor Nunushe on the property they are looking to purchase. 


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