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Are you interested in keeping up with Man Up and Go and all of the great initiatives we are involved in? Do you want to learn how you can get involved and stay connected? Our Newsletter is the perfect way to stay informed and learn how you can help children suffering from the negative impact of being without a father. You can sign up today by entering your email address into the box below. After you have submitted your email, make sure you confirm your subscription. Simply check your email for a link to the activation page. If you don’t receive one within a handful of minutes, check your junk mail. The Man Up and Go newsletter will have all of the newest details about our work, so make sure to sign up!

Man Up and Go Newsletter

The Man Up and Go newsletter is the best place to learn about our upcoming local events, which allow you to get involved without leaving the country. Whether it is a fundraiser, a training event, or a chance to meet the Man Up and Go community, the way to stay connected is by signing up for the Man Up and Go Newsletter.

Interested in Serving in the Ministry?

People often think that actively serving in our ministry means they will have to travel 7000 miles away to Uganda to serve help orphans. However, there are a great many ways to serve right here in our backyard. Some of these include:

  • Participating in quarterly serving initiatives geared towards building and promoting families within your local community

  • Donating time by helping administratively within the ministry. We need volunteers to give of their time in the following areas:

  • Communicating with other Champions (folding/stuffing envelopes, research and development, writing for our Email Newsletter)

  • Creating and edit Audio/Video for our website and YouTube channel

  • Developing and scheduling content for our Social Media channels

  • Becoming a Ministry Support Coordinator (MSC)

  • Becoming a Ministry Partner Liaison (MPL)

The best way to find these opportunities as soon as they become available is by signing up for the Man Up and Go newsletter.

Contact Man Up and Go for Any Questions

Our helpful and friendly representatives are happy to answer any questions you have, whether they are about our ministry, how to contribute, or you need help signing up for the Man Up and Go newsletter. If you are interested in helping to combat fatherlessness, Man Up and Go is the missionary service for you. We pray that you will become involved. In our experience, anyone who experiences the joy and love that come with working with these children will realize that they receive so much more than they put in. Request a call from a Ministry Support Coordinator to see how you can start actively serving with Man Up and Go.