Overview of Man Up and Go

Man up and go volunteer holding out hand that says we help

Man Up and Go is a Christian missionary organization that aims at addressing the issue of fatherlessness that is being faced by over 700 million children across the globe. Inspired by co-founder Roger Gibson’s journey in adopting his daughter Zoie from Ethiopia, his story serves as a testimony to the group in encouraging men to provide their love and care for those who need it the most. We believe that children benefit in an array of aspects when they have a supportive, loving father at home who is there to guide them in life. Our efforts have been documented in the film titled Man Up and Go: The Movie, which was released in 2014.

Man Up and Go is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Missouri, although we hardly consider ourselves a physical location. Instead, we are a family of husbands, fathers, brothers, wives, mothers, and sisters that are all devoted to spreading our love to orphaned children throughout the world. Our leadership members reside in Springfield, Missouri, and Clearwater, Florida, and we have various board members throughout Texas and Illinois in addition to the aforementioned states.

How Man Up and Go Helps

Man Up and Go’s aspiration for ending fatherlessness is largely carried out through our mission trips, in which we travel to typically impoverished countries that have a high population of orphaned children. Our Christian missionaries focus on supplying a foundation of support to the many fatherless children we encounter along the way, making sure that they know they are loved and have a family to rely on. As we set forth our love to these many children, we additionally strive to educate them about the word of God so that we may develop the new generation into one that uses to principles of Christ to prevent the ongoing spread of fatherlessness. What’s more, we aim to teach the many single mothers that we meet new skills so that may be empowered to help their family and end in the generational curse of fatherless households.

How to Get Involved with Man Up and Go

There are several ways you can contribute to Man Up and Go, all which immensely help support our organization and push us further in battling fatherlessness throughout the world. For the most hands-on, direct experience, we strongly advise signing up for one of our international mission trips, in which we travel to various countries to work with orphaned children and fatherless families. Another way to get involved with our organization is to donate. The money we raise is used to help fund our mission trips and provide financial support to the fatherless families that we meet along the way. Yet another way to get involved is by simply praying for our members and the many children in need, while also spreading the word of our mission so that we may recruit more people into fighting fatherlessness. We are extremely fortunate for any contributions that may be made as any and all generosity puts us one step closer in battling this epidemic.

Reach Out to Man Up and Go

For more information about our vision, the work we do or how you can get involved, never hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Man Up and Go by calling 727-266-0226, or send us an email at information@manupandgo.org.